How To Burp A Baby 1

Burping a baby can sound intimidating to a new parent. What is it, why does it need to be done, and how do you do it? Here is a guide to why and how to burp your baby. What is burping? When a baby is feeding they tend to

What Is mental Impairment 0

Research studies have shown that mental retardation could originate from having a disruptive developmental delay, environmental stress, a genetic disorder, biological or psychological trauma. The exact cause of mental retardation in society cannot be pin pointed to one thing. There are over 250 known causes and sometimes the cause

How Can I Teach My Child To Deal With Rejection 0

Whatever the age of your child, teaching them how to handle rejection will make them resilient. Managing the emotions following a rebuff will strengthen them. Life’s vetoes can be used as a springboard to success. The Timeline of Rejection The tools you use to help your child can be

How Do I Wean A Toddler From Breastfeeding 0

You have been feeding your child breast milk since he was born and feel that he has received the optimal benefit of this natural milk. It is time for your little one to begin drinking from a sippy cup and eating more solid foods. He is very attached to

How To Exercise During Pregnancy 0

Pregnancy can be quite a special and unique experience for every expecting mother. Just as it is as special it could also be one of the most delicate times as well. It is very easy to also suffer from vitamin deficiency, soreness and fatigue so it is quite important

How To Bath A Baby 1

Being a new parent is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things that a woman can do in her life. A large part of what makes it challenging, is that there are so many different opinions and options out there on what to do when it comes to

How Do I Gauge My Childs Development After Age 5 0

All children learn differently, and one child of the same age, may be slower than another child, who is also the same age. If you’re worried about your child’s development, there are several ways to determine if they are developing normally, or if they are slower than they should

What Is add Compared To adhd 0

While the simplest differentation between ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD would be the additional presence of Hyperactivity, the truth is that there a several variants of each disorder, each of which are gauged by certain criteria. Both of these problems fall under the psychiatric qualification of a disruptive

At What Age Do Children Normally Start To Make Friends 0

Every parent wants their children to grow up and have healthy relationships and lots of good friends. Friendship is a big part of building a child’s esteem. Studies have also shown that children who can develop meaningful relationships at a young age are more apt to build the kind

How Does Your Skin Change During Pregnancy 0

Pregnancy is a wonderful time when you feel happy and healthy. However, there are a number of changes going on inside your body at this time that can affect your skin. It’s important to keep your skin moisturized to prevent flaking and itching. The skin on your breasts and

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