Toddler with Down’s Syndrome becomes social media sensation thanks to his ‘Hollywood smile’ 0

A toddler with Down's Syndrome and a 'Hollywood smile' has become a social media star with thousands of fans. Lawrence and his partner Nici Allen, 42, who both refused genetic testing to determine whether their son would be born disabled, believe Jack 'bridges the gap' between those living

Would you use a SPRAY-ON condom? Girlplay concept uses aerosol latex to prevent pregnancy 0

A design student has created a spray-on condom with an aerosol can that she has dubbed ‘Girlplay’. Michele Chu’s design concept allows users to spray on their protection as if it were a deodorant. She created a ‘lover’s kit’ which includes a smart bra which is controlled by

Rachel Bilson Says Hart of Dixie Was Not Canceled Because of Her Pregnancy! 0

Rachel Bilson wants to clarify the reason that the long-running CW show was canceled. While she doesn't necessarily give the exact reason behind the network's decision, she does list a reason that played no role in the show's ending. He then talked about the season four finale, saying,

Home births lead to higher infant mortality at least for mothers living in poorer areas 0

Home births lead to higher infant mortality than hospital births, at least for mothers living in poorer areas. Meltem Daysal (University of Southern Denmark and IZA), Mircea Trandafir (University of Southern Denmark and IZA) and Reyn van Ewijk (VU University Amsterdam and University of Mainz) that examines 356,412

Toddler found lost in Melbourne’s west (AAP) 0

A toddler has been found wandering alone in Melbourne's outer west and police are trying to find her parents. The wavy-haired girl, Indian in appearance and aged three to four years, has been unable to tell police her name. A contruction worker found the girl, wearing a pink

Tai Pei panda fakes pregnancy 0

An 11 year old Panda in Taiwan faked the signs of pregnancy after noticing that she would receive better living conditions. She had been inseminated back in March while she was in heat and Taipei Zoo had waited with anticipation. Yuan Yuan, the clever panda, had exhibited loss

Lady at wedding drops toddler while reaching for bouquet 0

One minute, this baby is resting comfortably, all safe and secure in her big sister’s arms. Sorry kid, your sister will sell you out at the first, antiquated superstitious tradition that even hints that her forever man is right around the corner. The video claims the kid wasn’t

Lizzie Rovsek Talks Broken Rib And Potential Pregnancy: Is She Expecting? 0

Lizzie Rovsek is back on The Real Housewives of Orange County as a friend of the housewives. Even though she may not be holding an orange, Rovsek is still hanging out with the ladies and going on the cast trips. The ladies had just arrived in Tahiti on

This Dad Singing With His Toddler Can Brighten Up Anyone’s Day 0

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – DECEMBER 03: Tom Fletcher of McFly performs at the Magic FM Sparkle Gala at Indigo2 at O2 Arena on December 3, 2013 in London, England. It’s not easy – but this musician dad certainly makes it look that way. Watch this Instagram video of

Did Kailyn Lowry Just Hint Of Third Pregnancy? 0

Kailyn Lowry is back on Teen Mom and this season isn't starting out with the best portrayal of her and Javi Marroquin. So far, the two have been fighting over petty things, including a male student who texted Kailyn. For the first time, fans of the show saw

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